This past November I began experiencing medical issues such as blepharitis and conjunctivitis.   As I do have allergies triggered by environmental sources such as chemicals, toxins and even fragrances, I knew that if I was to recover my good health, I needed to find the source of the allergen.  At about the same time I had begun to smell a mildew odor coming from the air vents in my home.  This smell had been presenting itself periodically over a couple of years and I was told by the HVAC technicians that it was called “dirty sock syndrome,” would only last a couple of days as we transitioned here in Florida from the cooling to the heating period, and was not harmful.  As the months went by and my medical condition worsened I researched “dirty sock syndrome” and found that microorganisms such as bacteria growing on the evaporator coil caused the odor and could indeed cause health issues.  I decided to use the Jossam Home Air Quality Test to find out the specific pollutants, if any, circulating in my home.  I attached the filter media on the underside of the air handler filter in the vertical air handler of the heat pump in my home.  As a heat pump is a closed air system I got a very good reading on the air circulating within my home.  The results indicated that the source of the problem was not bacteria but mold.  The heat pump coil was replaced and then I conducted another Jossam test, this time just for mold.  It was found that the actual number of mold spores significantly increased.  I thought then that the test may have been faulty, and even called Jossam to explore what may have gone wrong.  It turns out that the Jossam test was completely accurate! There was an internal leak within the unit that materialized within a couple of weeks.  The Jossam results were accurate and provided the information that I needed to have the situation corrected.  The Jossam test is a cost effective means to test home air quality.  I am continuing to use the test on the heat pump to make sure that the situation is completely resolved.  What has cost me approximately $280.00 thus far would have cost over $1500 had I hired a home inspector. I highly recommend use of the Jossam home air quality test kit. 

 Sincerely,  Meryl Baker, Ph.D. - Deland, Florida


I have allergies and I thought I had mold in my attic and was concerned how it was affecting my health. I discovered Jossam a home air quality test kit and tested my air. I was relieved to find that the results came out favorably which provided me with a peace of mind.

Nick Dialoiso – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

I have worked with the staff from Techtron Engineering for many years and was introduced to Jossam last Christmas 2005. I did some remodeling early this year and used the Jossam test kit to find that my home had marginal levels of mold and dust. After cleaning my home thoroughly I retested my air and the levels were reduced. I was pleased how easy it was to use and have referred Jossam to a number of my family and friends.

Fred L. – Elk River, MN

The installation of the Jossam test detector was simple and seems to be compatible for any heating/air conditioning system. Jossam yielded factual results for minimum cost and removed all doubt about what was in my air. I previously managed a real estate business for 12 years and would recommend all homeowners/buyers to purchase Jossam and test the air prior to the purchase of the home.

Dutch S., – South Minneapolis, MN