Vacuum Method

Is my home’s air making me sick?

Is there an affordable method for testing my home’s indoor air quality?

You may have many questions about your home’s air quality.  Mold, asbestos, dust, and dander are some of the most common types of indoor air pollution.  Finding out what exactly is in your home’s air is an important step to improving the quality of the air you and your family breathe.  The Jossam Air Quality Test Kit is an accurate and affordable solution for you and your family’s health.  The Jossam Air Quality Test Kit can be used to test your indoor home or business environments for:

Total dust

Carcinogenic fibers (like includes ALL fibers like fiberglass and asbestos-like fibers )




Asbestos fibers only (available as a seperat kit) 

There are several ways you may use our kit to test your home’s air quality.  Testing your home’s indoor air quality can be as simple as turning on your vacuum cleaner.  The Jossam indoor air test kits are designed to both be very effective, affordable and simple to use. Below is our video for testing your home air quality using your vacuum: