What's in the air I'm breathing?

Is my indoor air making me sick?

Is there a mold problem in my home?



The Jossam Air Quality Test Kit can be used to test your indoor home or business environments for mold, dander, total dust, carcinogenic fibers (fiberglass, asbestos), and bacteria.

The Air Quality Test Process Is Easy: Install, Collect, Mail
Once you order and receive your Jossam Air Quality Test Kit in the mail, follow the instructions to collect a sample using one of the methods listed.  Next, return the sample filter and card to our office for evaluation. Laboratory results will be mailed back to you within 7 days of receipt of samples or 14 days for bacteria and Asbestos Only analysis.


Please know that you can only test one location with one test kit.

Kit with Dust analysis
Kit with Mold and Dust analysis $67.00

Kit with Carcinogenic Fibers and Dust analysis
(Counts all airborne fibers)

FULL kit with dust, mold, carcinogenic fibers, dander, and bacteria analysis $217.00
Kit with Asbestos Fiber analysis only (TEM - Transmission Electron Microscopy) This kit does not include any other analytes. If you wish to test for other analytes, you will need to purchase a separate kit. $99.00

International shipping is not available.

Additional Analysis

You must purchase one of the above kits before purchasing additional analysis.

Any of each of the following analyses can be added to each test kit (excludes asbestos fiber kit). Note: do not add the analysis that is included with your test kit. (i.e. If you order a test kit + mold analysis you do not have to add mold analysis.)
There is no charge for Shipping & Handling on additional analysis ordered with a test kit.

You may also add additional analyses after you purchase the test kit. All you have to do is fill out the provided order form you receive with the test kit and remit credit card information for any additional analyses.

NOTE: Once Techtron Engineering receives the test filter from you in the mail, they will provide a report outlining the details of the testing. Contact Techtron Engineering with questions about your results.